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A Meaningful Person©

(By Wayne L. Misner,

I was asked to write about some meaningful person in my life.

Not an easy assignment for someone like me. Since I can’t find the meaning of my own personal journey, trying to discover what really matters in life and believing I am capable of being significant and can make a difference in the lives of others.

So first, I would like to make it perfectly clear that all the people I have met while I have taken this journey from birth to death have been meaningful. I don’t remember the days with most people; I do remember the moments. Who I am today is a composite of the good, the bad and the ugly from those meaningful people.

Each connection creates a chapter in the book of my life. Some with love, some with pain, and so many that it would be easier to count the never ending waves washing onto sands of the all the beaches.

So many memories are buried in the pages of my mind. Happy times, bad times--a little boy crying, a woman nursing, an Army buddy, a lover kissing; too many to name here in this short story.

Each thought is a new emotion bringing happiness, sadness, some discomfort and mixed emotional feelings. Many make me wish once again, to relive these same moments and have them repeat themselves like the old vinyl record stuck in a scratch.


I can’t trade them, nor do I want to rank them. The memories are more like the experience of the sensation of eating spicy-hot foods where the human tongue may be able to identify many thousands of different tastes, but can’t compare to the human heart which has no limit for meaningful people.

Each of you who has touched me has left your hand print upon my mind or my heart. My memories are a composite of all the events and the people who have taken this trip with me.

Oh yes, I could try to write about just one “Meaningful Person” that I hold close to my heart, just like a lover of flowers may write about just one rose but I can’t. What keeps me from writing the one rose is the field of sunflowers and daffodils that get in the way.

I remember these people as I want you to remember me that is with a smile. For it's better to forget me, if to remember me makes you cry.

My memory has a way of holding onto the things I love, the things I am, and the things I never want to lose.

 You may ask if I do have a “Meaningful Person” that has been in my life. I would answer yes, a thousand times yes; it is you and you and you and especially you.