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Two best-selling books by Wayne L. Misner exploring the inner world of men:  

Men Don't Listen and Men Cry Too

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Reviews by Critics for Men Don't Listen:

Dr. Irene Matiatoes, Ph.D. Psychologist

"I read your book and added it to my book list.  I love it!  Look under the new heading, Marital & Relationships at  Thank you very much, and best wishes for your continued success. With this book, you can't miss!"

Dr. Robert Rich, M. Sc., Ph.D., M.A.P.S, Associate Member, APS College of Counseling Psychologists, author of Anger and Anxiety (How To Be in Charge of Your Emotions and Control Phobias):

"Wayne, this is a book that should be widely read.  It is full of wisdom and beauty and has the potential to change lives.  You have obviously spent a lot of effort on thinking about the issues, researching, reading as well as writing.  The book is the distillation of your life's experience and will help its readers to achieve intimacy and understanding with the other gender.

Chapter 2, "Where am I?" has helped me, personally.  I am very goal-oriented.  Everything is always for a purpose; I often stumble through life, painfully banging myself about, because my eyes are firmly fixed on the far view.  Wayne, you helped me to remember life is a journey, not a destination.  I must get my enjoyment from the here-and-now, for the future will certainly be different from what I expected."

Relationship Therapist, Pattimari Sheets:

"A Must To Read!  Ah!  A great book about men, their hidden feelings and why it seems they don't listen.  It is a book that opens doors into the world of men!  Great book to have on your bookshelves, well-written and not only for men, but women as well.  Offers outstanding insight into the world of men.  The author has great talent for writing with word picturing thoughout the book!  I absolutely will use it in my Relationship Workshops!"

Health Concepts President, Jim Morresy:

"Hope you have a terrific 2001. PS Enjoyed your book."

The Book Reviewer Site, by Danielle Naibert:

"Misner wrote an interesting "how to" develop oneself book.  He has tons of mini-stories throughout to help the reader understand the situations and circumstances that befall men and women….. I highly appreciated his "How to Fight" guide.  He gives great advice and a kick in the pants to couples who do break the rules….. Each part is filled with sound advice and well thought lessons of life…… I highly recommend this book for all couples, new or old, and that read together.  I really think that this book is one that should be in every marriage counselors shelf, and given to clients…Thank you Wayne Misner, for providing words of comfort, direction and lessons that will keep couples together, happily.", Managing Editor:

"Excellent book you have there.  I do like your concepts a lot, and think the book can help a lot of people."

Dorrance Publishing, Managing Director:

"Men Don't Listen" offers a work in which you seek to extend your concepts for helping a man deal with emotions, learn to express feelings in a positive manner, and communicate his feelings to important people in his life."

Imperium Proviso Publishing Senior Editor:

"I have finished reading "Men Don't Listen."  I liked it very much.

Minerva Press:

"This is a clear and well organized book that provides couples with all the ammunition they need to put their lives together back on a positive footing.  The author deals with various aspects of relationships, dealing with commonly encountered problems at appropriate length.  He writes with an impressive "gender neutrality":  the manuscript deals with men's and women's attitudes and needs in equal depth, rarely offering a value judgment ("men are wrong to want this", etc.).  This inclusiveness is perhaps Men Don't Listen's key strength:  the book can be read by partners, each of whom will feel the author is speaking to them and will therefore take notice of what is being said."

Pentland Press:

"Wayne Misner's self-help book, "Men Don't Listen," is written for anyone who has been frustrated by the male-female relationships and wants guidance with understanding the opposite sex and improving communication."…….."While the title of this manuscript is sure to draw female attention, this book is for men as well.  The author speaks to each group independently at times and other times to both in general.  Target readership would include married couples, people recovering from divorce, singles in relationships, singles frustrated by male-female differences, couples trying to save a relationship, and anyone studying interpersonal communication skills.  I strongly recommend "Men Don't Listen" for publication by Pentland press. This is a worthy self-help publication written with heart, not theory, and therefore should have a unique identity amongst the rest."

Rutledge Books:

"Men Don't Listen" is a self-help manual that provides two important functions.  First, author Wayne L. Misner illuminates the inner workings of the male psyche to help women gain insights that will open channels of communication with the men in their lives.  Secondly, Mr. Misner examines the ways in  which society dictates the behavior of men, so that men themselves can better access their emotions and get in touch with the true self that is often obscured while trying to conform to societal expectations of "manly" behavior.  Through this twofold approach Mr. Misner facilitates a fluid dialogue between the sexes that will break down the barriers that impede reciprocal understanding.  Mr. Misner often appeals to women's more sensitive (and in some ways less vulnerable) nature to suggest strategies that will nurture trust and openness in men.  Couples who read this helpful and accessible text can hope to enhance the quality of their lives.  Not only does Mr. Misner provide ways in which men and women can improve the quality of their relationships, but he also offers fresh approaches to time management and interpersonal skills that will alleviate stress and bring love and success into their lives."


"Men Don't Listen is a very well written and easy to read book. It is a recipe book on how to make a very good relationship and keep it. The title of this book is a definite attraction for all female readers, but I truly advise both genders to read this book. It teaches women as well as men to stop, listen and learn all those little things that chip away at our relationships, after all, men and women alike spend so much time and worry in regards to healing their frustrations where their inability to understand their partner is concerned. Men Don’t Listen has it all. This book will take its readers from A to Z in what steps are worth climbing to meet one another at a very equal level. One may consider this a self-help book in relationships. They would not be far from the truth, in fact it will even take away any false ideas that our world has managed to implement in your brain and take you to a realistic level of what men and women are really about. I enjoyed the romantic section of this book; it added a nice desert to the dinner so to speak. highly recommends this read to all women and men regardless of your relationship. It is a very positive and informative book on living a very happy relationship. Thank you Wayne, for requesting a book review by, it was a very entertaining, not to mention valuable read."

TV Show, "Book Beat" with Kathy Smith:

"When I received your book here at Book Beat, I shared it with the other employees.  The stories shared from the people in your book helped us get close to them.  The problems and solutions made us feel that we knew the people.  They were all very moving."

TV 12, "Morning Edition Show" with Mr. Frank Cipolla:

Mr. Cipolla said, " My wife was venting and I just listened.  I didn't say a word.  Every once in a while I said, 'Wow' or 'I understand.'  It worked.  She felt much better after she vented.  I listened because I had just read the book.  I liked it.  It is a good book."

TV Show, "People, Places & Things" with Psychologist, Bonnie Markman,Ph.D.

" I was very impressed with Wayne's analysis of men and their emotional suppression.  Unfortunately in our society, men are taught not to express their feelings, and what's even worse, to not to even know what they are.  And so, when they are attempting to communicate with women or an important partner or a family member, it's very hard to listen because they don't have the language and don't have the inner experience to match up with what women or children or adolescents are typically saying to them.  So that I think his point and his analysis of that and some suggestions about how to overcome that were very, very important and extremely helpful………….One of the things that was so wonderful about your book, was that you had a lot of terrific lists about what's fun, what's playful, or finding the child inside yourself.  Going back to very basic pleasures that people share can enhance a relationship."

Judith Leblein, WCTC 1450 AM Radio Station said:

"Tell me how to get your book."

Talkers Magazine (The Bible of Talk Radio & New Talk Media); Editor, Mona Lipschtz:

"Wayne L. Misner writes about male-female relationships from a gender neutral position, but as a man has plenty to say about the differences between men and women that often get in the way of successful love with the credibility that only a male could bring to an analysis of his own gender in relationships."

Hometown Journal, Mike Sieger:

"When's the last time you played in the lawn sprinkler with your spouse?  Or

took a walk together in the rain?  Had a pillow fight?  Or skipped rocks across the lake?  Took the day off from work with no particular plan in mind, other than to spend the day with the one you love?  When's the last time you felt truly alive, giddy, like a child at play?  According to Wayne Misner, author of Men Don't Listen, people take life too seriously.  What we need to do is find the little boy and little girl within ourselves and get them to come out and play."

The East Brunswick Public Library, Director wrote:

“I am happy to inform you that your book is presently checked out, and has enjoyed a steady circulation."

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