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Crazy Love Glue©

   (By Wayne L. Misner,

This message is for those I love, my significant other, family, relatives,

 friends, for all, it’s from deep within my heart.

 May you always love as I will always love you, never grow old, by keeping

 in touch with the little child deep within.

 Remember there is always time to be what you could have been, to dream,

 and then live those dreams.

 Be curious, ask, seek, do, but play, and always play to extremes.

 Stay close and listen to your heart, it sings you stories, gives you

 warnings and if it breaks, will always mend in time.

 When down, get up and start again, for each start builds new

  memories and adventures that will transcend time.

 Remember if you want love you must give love, for if it isn’t given back in

  return, it will come back from another.

 Love, so hard to find, so short for most, so quick to disappear, so long to let

 go and makes my heart flutter for a return.

 To heal you must love again, stop protecting yourself, so open those              

fingers held so tightly around your heart.

 You ask, “How should I start?” by using my secret which I share with you,

                      just use a little bit of my crazy love glue.