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(By Wayne L. Misner,

  I’m taking dancing lessons. Why you may ask? Dancing is a great form of exercise. It helps relieve stress and gets you stronger. Almost the same as going to the gym for a work out. According to researchers social dancing provides the body with many health benefits. It may help reduce stress, increase energy, improve strength and muscle tone, while increasing flexibility and co-ordination. Dancing burns calories just like walking or riding a bike. The best part of dancing is the fun you can have while you're doing something great for your body, because your heart and bones don't know whether you are jogging in the gym, running around an outdoor track or just dancing fast.

  Dancing can be traced to the beginning of mankind. It can be a rite of passage, a mating ritual, a bonding experience, or just plain fun. Human beings were dancing before there was a word for it. Rhythmic bodily movement seems to be instinctive.

  Scientists believe that dancing combines two of our greatest pleasures: movement and music. Synchronizing music is pleasing to the brain, and movement—in essence, dance—may constitute a pleasure.

  Researchers have found for some people dancing is a form of having sex. Dancing is sex; at best some say it is the sexiest thing you can do standing up. Holding a woman or man in your arms and moving to the beat of music is a wonderful experience.


  I know how it makes me feel and helps me express what I'm feeling (sometimes without knowing it).  Dancing has been tremendously beneficial in keeping me feeling young. It gets me in touch with joy and helps me to eliminate anxiety. I find when I dance it's a great way to relate to other people. Dancing can be playful, artistic and sometimes sensual and intimate.

  It connects people, even if unconsciously, to the rhythms of nature. Dance springs from a human desire for personal expression and social connection and it feels good.  Those of us that are dancing have crossed cultural barriers. My partners are from all parts of the world with different ideologies.

  People dance for all kinds of reasons - to celebrate, to mourn, to heal, to give thanks, to preserve cultural heritage and treasured legends, to demonstrate physical prowess, to assert individuality, to provoke and to entertain.

  To dance well, one needs to be in good health, have a certain amount of poise, co-ordination, a ton of energy, some muscle, and have some speed, while keeping a cadence and staying stabilized. Of course dancers must have an ability to predict and react to the style and movements of others.

  But, if you have a few of your favorite drinks, it is very possible that even if you don’t have any of the above you will do just great. You will have a fun time, enjoy yourself and others. With enough drinks, you could become the life of the party. Maybe become another Fred Astaire and Ann Miller of yesterday, or Karina Smirnoff and Actor J.R. Martinez, the 13th season winners of Dancing with the Stars of today. So, I end this by saying, “I’ll drink to that”.