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(By Wayne L. Misner,

  I believe that each of us is responsible for our own happiness. Happiness does not require a relationship or children to bring us laughter and fun. The sooner we define what lightheartedness is to ourselves, the sooner we need to set up an action plan to have joy. If happiness is not coming to you, then you must go to it.

  I love many things that bring cheerfulness-rainbows, sun flowers, lily pads, and cat tails to name a few. I accept I must surround myself with the things I love and always keep them in view. The pleasures we seek in life perhaps are about big or small items and events. Some maybe complex or like many of mine, quite simple and easy.

  I admit contentment can come from watching baby animals and playing with them. It can lift my spirit watching oceans with their tides coming in and out, or sunrises and sunsets, and of course, building castles and animals in the sand. And let’s not forget picking up seashells on a beach walk or flying a kite in the wind.

  Water is serenity for me. Watching a river flow or trees swaying and birds flying around a lake are calming to my inner being. If I’m on the water paddling a canoe, rowing a rowboat or just riding on a ferry boat or tour boat, I get a feeling of contentment.

  Forgetting for a time who and where I am and escaping into an action movie or a tear jerker, I become one of the actors. I have found it comforting to have a good laugh, tell jokes and stories, read funny books, and watch comedy shows, videos, and movies.

  Just as exhilarating and with great stress reducing results, higher energy levels can be achieved with, exercise - meditation-massages-hypnosis-breathing exercises and yoga.

  Sitting around a campfire gazing at the fire’s smoldering embers, while doing a sing-along and roasting marshmallows, soothes me. Pitching a tent and sleeping out for the night brings another experience in fun.

  Sharing a slow walk with someone, a good conversation, a delicious ice cream cone, and funny stories, brings enjoyment.

  Good music with old songs from my past brings back happy times. There’s an enchantment walking in a light rain. Taking a dancing class with strangers brings a forever bonding and a touch of love.

  There’s great merriment in building a snowman, having a snowball fight and then having hot chocolate - so delightful. Getting out on a cold night and sitting on the deck with a blanket and a glass of wine and doing some stargazing, brings peace of mind.

  Well-being is felt when I lounge around the house with a good book or a newspaper.

  If you are lucky enough to have that special person in your life to share, not only some of my playful episodes, but those built yourself, you may find great contentment. On the other hand you may find    that life is not fair and some heart ache will come your way. So you must set your mind to finding happiness. It will be the magic potion that will keep you going, keep you healthy, and yes, keep you forever young.