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I Have Met the Enemy and It Is I ©

(By Wayne L. Misner,

  It seems we can’t do the one thing that we want to. We want to achieve recognition, additional responsibility, economic benefits, companionship, or some type of reward. Perhaps, accomplish something personnel like a diet, working out, or getting better marks in school, etc.

  I have a guess what the problem may be. Don’t think it is a communist conspiracy. Or a plot by someone that doesn’t like us. I want to introduce, “Know Thyself”. Plato employs the maxim 'Know Thyself' extensively in his writings believing we would have a greater understanding of the nature of a human being.

  There is an old saying which goes, “I have met the enemy and it is Us”. I have modified it to read, “I have met the enemy and it is I”.

  And why do I say “I”. I’ll give you 2 examples. I want to stay in shape. So I know I must go to the gym each morning and work out. (How boring). Myself wants to sleep, or read the morning newspaper, have a cup of coffee and just goof off. So, “I have met the enemy and it is I”. Yes, I stand in the way of me getting in shape, feeling good about myself, and accomplishing something I really want to do. How do I fix this? My solution is to NOT think! To get up each morning and go on auto pilot or Cruise control. Just get dressed, jump in the car and get to the gym. Once there I will exercise. All the people there give me by osmosis the motivation to workout, left weights, stretch, use the treadmill, elliptical machine and all the equipment to make my dreams come true. What was the secret to success? Not thinking BUT doing.  The answer is, “Know Thyself”. I know if I think, I will not go but will relax and read the paper. So I DON’T THINK.

  Example 2. I want to lose weight. How do I do it? I know that if there is junk food in the house i.e. potato chips, cookies, etc. I will eat them. “I have met the enemy and it is I”. Yes, even knowing that if I eat them I’ll get fat, be unhappy with me, and maybe even get mad at myself, I’ll eat them anyway.


 So, “Know Thyself”. I don’t buy those junk foods and have them in the house. So when I get hungry I’m forced to eat something that is good for me (fruit, carrots, etc.) instead of something I like. Again it would make me get angry at myself for eating what I know is not good for me. “I have met the enemy and it is I”.

  My point to you. Be honest with yourself. What is it you want? To do well in school? Do homework? Study harder? Be a harder worker? Read that book, fix that cabinet door, whatever it is you must, but  “Know Thyself”.

  What that means is to figure out what will work for you to NOT give in to the temptations, laziness, or whatever is holding you back and put it to work for you. No one else can do this for you. This is your assignment in life. To be in charge of you even when it means you don’t want to be. (Many of those obstacles you put in your own way.)  It’s inevitable that you’ll encounter periods of temptation, laziness, bad luck, and even the occasional failure. If you don’t discipline your mind to STOP bringing you down, the motivation killers will defeat you.

So  “Know thyself” and remember, “I have met the enemy and it is I”.