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(By Wayne L. Misner,

  I can’t sing, I’m tone deaf. I don’t play an instrument. I don’t write music and I’m not creative. I am, however, a good dancer and do have rhythm. But, I have found that music, with its great lyrics is so touching, that it opens the picture album to my heart.

  My love of music is more than the ability to sing or play. It is about music’s rhythm and words that move me and bring out emotions, buried so deep within my being. When I would search my mind and could not come up with words that described what I was feeling, the words in a song would do it for me. No other means have ever been able to connect me, transform me, and move me to the depths that music does.

  Music has traveled life’s journey with me, from school bands playing at my football games, to marching bands in my Army days. There were romantic melodies while I dated, searching so hard for a soul mate, and baby lullabies as child responsibilities took over my life. Sad songs of loss, tragedy, and about broken hearts wonder through the years. Life moments have and so many more could have been. Songs bring a sense of mystery, wonder, excitement, or loss that can cause pain or create deep emotional bonds to the music.

  The power of music can change my feelings and make my emotions run rampid. The emotional swings can run from debilitating to inspiring. Within nano seconds, an old song brings me abruptly back to that moment in time, as if time has stood still. I can cry, laugh, and be scared to death all by hearing the old tune once again.

  My memories ache to be relived for one moment in time. How much would I give to relive and change an event from one of sadness to happiness. Oh to once again touch someone I have loved.


  The words and melodies run in my veins as if they are the blood and oxygen that keeps me alive. Yet, I don’t find I heal from music. The old hurts and wounds are relived. What I do find instead of healing is the power to continue on. Why will the old wounds and hurts remain? Because music has the power to have us relive that event again and again. It also has the power to motivate us to continue to build new memories that they too will rerun in the pages of our minds forever. Like a library of books, rare, old, or new, they continue to be published and we continue to read them, or in the case of life, live them. Song writers do nothing more than take our life stories, steal them from our minds and hearts, and put them to words and music.

  Nowhere is the story of my life written better than in the songs by all who have shared my highs and lows. Music is said to be the universal language where song writers somehow have learned to share my memories, your memories, and with their memories merge them into a song ball. Forever bouncing the song ball off us, they play dodge ball hitting our minds and hearts.