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Please, Just Once©

(By Wayne L. Misner,

Please, Just Once may I hold you in my arms?

Life is not timeless.

What if tomorrow never comes? Face your innermost thoughts and deepest desired secrets.

Look into my eyes to see my soul. Surely the walls will shatter, for differences won't matter.

Life’s tragedy is to wait too long and to realize what might have been and the moment was missed.

So, I promise that today, I will fill your cravings and ignite the fire within. Please, Just Once.

I don’t believe there are second chances, as destiny has given us this one instant.

There may never be another day, another time, another opportunity.

Please, Just Once make my dreams come true with me as the one you share your flame of passion.

Serendipity made our paths cross, leaving its mark forever, if this is the last time we meet.

Even though I had the yearnings within, I couldn't tell you I've loved and cherish you from the start.

I had locked the door and wouldn't let anyone in to break my heart.

Please, Just Once let the beautiful phenomenon within me be felt and consumed throughout you.


   Negative thinking is nothing but a resistance to life itself, if loving unconditionally is lost.

   Deciding who we are allowed to love, would make life simpler, but much less magical.

If we knew this would be our last time, can’t you share it before it slips away?

   So, I give you the key that will open my heart with its burning passion to make this achievable.

   Your precious handprint will be tattooed on my soul for a lifetime. Two hearts beating as one.

   here is a taste of magic fantasy to love and an honesty to be discovered in desire.

   What we will perceive is when we were pretending, and couldn’t recognize when love began, that life has always found a way to let us feel the moment it ends.

 “Please, Just Once”.