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The White Supremacist must ignore that ALL people (including the White Supremacist themselves) when cut open are exactly the same. They bleed the same color and their parts –e.g. heart (as hard as it is to believe, they do have hearts), liver, kidneys, etc.) are all the same and when looked at, no one would be able to identify who these parts belong to, the White Supremacist or those who should be hated.

So the White Supremacist must ignore they are the same as all the other people all over the world and use other methods to feel superior.

The White Supremacist uses illegal immigrants as a good start. They get into the country, steal our jobs, commit crimes and take advantage of all the free socialist policies and they don’t speak English. Even when these points have been proven wrong the White Supremacist will use these points to justify their deep seated hate.

The White Supremacist believes most of the illegal immigrants are inferior nonwhites climbing over walls. Conveniently forgetting that many are from all over the world and many different races, religions, etc. They are those who stayed past their Visa dates while going to school or vacationing in the USA.

The White Supremacist uses Race as it was used by Hitler who and wanted Germans to be the perfect Race (although he himself did NOT qualify as being the perfect German). However, if the White Supremacist is of the same Race, Religion works very well. The Jews over many centuries have faced the made up propaganda that, all Jews are rich, powerful, dangerous interlopers, smart and in charge.

Looking closer, the White Supremacist has made the sexual orientation of individuals as the reason to hate and disqualify these deviants too. And if by chance you have passed ALL the above areas, then, by all means if you are NOT wealthy, (you should have picked yourself up by your bootstraps) you will be dumped into a category of a taker and a user and will be rejected as an inferior person and a socialist.

So you see, the steps to How to be a White Supremacist are easy to follow - just hate everyone that is not exactly like you and blame them for all your own failings.

Psychology of Hate: How to be a White Supremacist©

(By Wayne L. Misner,