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The Cruise©

   (By Wayne L. Misner,

  I had a dream last night. I went on a cruise. My dream was strange. As I boarded the boat I noticed faces that were familiar, but should not be there. My mother and father were ahead of me. All thoughts ran though my mind. I miss you. I love you. All kinds of news to share. Why did you leave me so soon? By the time I showed my boarding pass and had it stamped, they were gone.

  As I looked for my room my old schoolmates pass by. Wow, you look great. Why did we not stay in touch? Where are you now?

 But wait, is that my first date standing by the railing looking out at the sunset? We must talk. All these years I have thought about you--what might have been--if you were happy--did you marry—kids?

  I’m finally in my room. How strange this dream is. Almost like my life. Where years have gone by and I did not see them. Where was I when all those events were happening? Graduations, marriages, babies being born. Working one job then another. Climbing a ladder to where and why. As I climb, am I also climbing away from those I want and need.

 I’m hungry. This cruise boat has good food. Not as many people on line, so I’ll soon be able to eat. Oh no, there’s my ex with her new husband. Dammit! I’ve gained so much weight. She will be so happy that she dumped me. She will think, “That fat jerk is out of my life”. Well no, how about the kids. And wouldn’t you know it. They’re all sitting with her and eating. No need to go to war.


My kids are all I have. Oh wait, my grandchildren just sat down. Look at that. How can anyone ever think I have failed? When you are, and no one else can ever be, the maker of the genes that produce the kids of tomorrow, then you have made your mark on this earth forever. My mark is made.

  Now the loud system comes on asking all of us to participate in wine tasting. Good, I need a drink. This one looks good, and this, and also this one. Wow, everything seems to be spinning.

  The Captain walks by, looks at me and says that the entertainment is about to begin, and please everyone go to the theatre and watch the show.

  I was never good at watching shows. However, I must admit sometimes I felt I was watching my own life like a show. As if I was in the audience and all the other people in my life are the actors.

  We have docked. Please start to debark. I don’t want to. Please bring back yesterday. I want to go back. As I leave the state room, I see faces. New faces. Maybe I have time to know who the faces belong to. No, can’t take time, we are off the boat and must get to our cars and leave. It was a nice cruise. Nice sunsets and food. The show was alright. I guess I can go on another cruise next year. Ring, ring, what’s that the phone? Who is calling me so early? I think I was dreaming. Hello, who’s there? No one. I guess it was a wrong number. I’m so tired. I must not have slept too well. Was I awake or was I sleeping? I think I must have dozed off. Did I have a dream? I can’t remember what the dream was. Oh well, maybe I can sleep tonight.