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(This next line is from the poem Epipsychidion (1821):  (Ap-sych-e-dion)

“Free love has this, different from gold and clay, that to divide is not to take away."

The myth that we have to stop loving one person before starting to love another is believed by some. However, we love our children from one to many. Adults are the same. Yes, we can and do love in greater or lesser passion. It is the passion of these loves that drives us and intertwines with the fibers of our hearts, building memories so vivid that we can relive them every day.

As I near the end of life’s journey, I’m constantly reminded of those things I did not do or try. Only those I’ve touched, become all my life will ever be. I’m sure one of the great tragedies is to be afraid to have given in to the temptations you desired as years were flying by. So now the end is near it may still not be too late to try a few. It has been said that each phase of life may be thought of as links in a chain. Some links we would like to discard or replace with better links. I say all links must remain. There is not enough time to replace bad links, but if I rush, just enough time to create an never ending loop of adding new links of today’s memories added to yesterday’s memories, bringing all of the tomorrows memories-- thus creating,

“The Infinite Love Loop.”

The Infinite Love Loop©

 (By Wayne L. Misner, 732-548-4633)

  Memories are pressed between the pages of my mind as if I had written them in a diary every day. When all else is gone, it is these precious moments I have stored in my memory that keep me going. As I have aged, events have passed as if seconds on a speed watch, but the memories have lived forever. The past is never dead. It is not even past, if you had love with passion. Those I loved and wanted to love inspired me to please and be pleased. In my dreams and fantasies there are no commitments to others. We would live in a society where there was “Free Love” and “Casual Sex” and everyone is free to be with anyone for a second, an hour or any amount of time. We move on to one another and there are no rules or boundaries.

  Love comes through my heart sometimes as intense aches, yearnings, lust & longings. Loving is a risk of not being loved in return. It’s not easy to defend the complexity of people or our emotional attachments to them. Memories bring back the touch that was so smooth, the smell ingrained, the taste so luscious and the laughter so bewitching. This image penetrates your soul and is replayed in my dreams like a needle stuck in the groves of an old vinyl record each night. It is said, "Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is.” 

  The way we cope with it, is what makes the difference. I dream. Oh yes, you look at me and say he has wasted his life daydreaming. No one thinks like him. Life has too many complexities. He wants to live as a child with no responsibilities. If he has his way, he will destroy our way of a civilized society with its high morals, rules, and laws. You are correct. That is exactly what I want. However, not for everyone. Only for me and only for that few who may see life’s road the way I see it.

  My tender heart can not explain. I know love is not wasted. It flows to someone in a direction you want it to go, but which may not come back from that someone, but it will come back from another direction. No matter where I have gone in life, fate and destiny has taken me. True love reaches for our hand and touches our heart. So don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened. All love begins with being happy, grows as we kiss, but ends with tears.