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The Resume©

   (By Wayne L. Misner,

 Who are you? No, I don’t mean the job you have. Share with me your dreams, desires and values. Are you trusted, honest, respected by others, loyal to family, and friends?

How old are you? No, not your age, but your thoughts and acts; are you cast in cement or taking a journey where you are always searching for the new?

 How rich are you? No, not how much money you have. Owning a treasure of memories, friends, you love and those that love you, make you the lucky, fortunate one.

How do you behave? No, not how you act, but is that little child inside of you still coming out to play.

 How do you function? No, not control, but empathize, evaluate, understand, listen, emit compassion.

 What makes you happy? No, not material things, but candles or burning fireplaces, a baby laughing, the ocean waves hitting a beach, the river flowing over the rocks, a pet that loves you.

 How strong are you? No, not physical power, but can you handle defeat, death of loved ones, and the pains of life.

 How rigid are you? No, not the great oak tree which breaks in the hurricane but the swaying palm tree going with the flow that’s still standing after the storm.

 Do you cry? Must I weep only the cause you cry or will you weep why I cry.

 Do you dream? Not asleep, as a source of inspiration for happiness, fun, soaring, laughing, and love.

 Do you feel? Not physical sensation, by emotional sense and not just in anger and frustration, but with love and compassion.

 Do you talk about what you could be? Or are you becoming what you might have been.

 Do you like you?  Do you possess the same characteristics that would have you hang out and be a best friend to you?

 Is your mind lazy? An indolent hanger-on or a mind made of sponge that wants to soak up knowledge whenever and wherever it may be.


 If you have met all the above qualifications then the job of being human is yours. Your assignment in life is to touch all those you can from this day forward. Your pay will be the pleasure you will share with others, which will make your life richer and happier then you could ever wish for.