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You Will Never Know the Value of a Moment Until it Becomes Your Memory©

(By Wayne L. Misner,

  It’s not where you are today but what direction you are moving. Are you happy? I find happiness by not pursuing it, but trying to create it for others. Putting off being happy till tomorrow is not a plan. Each day I live must make that day the most wonderful day. Of course you must hold unto dreams but be careful not to miss the sense of the moment.  In one moment of your life that moment may become the memories of tomorrow. When you have the opportunity to hold on to that special moment, you must because you can’t take any moment for granted, for it may never come again. With that said make sure you are straight with that person for you may never get another chance or moment again.

Somehow believing that there is time could be a mistake. Some have found that the one who is sharing with you a memory today could become the memories hidden in the pages of your mind forever.

The secret of the freedom inside is to see the beautiful things and the pleasure of sharing. I’m at my best by dividing my happiness with others. It’s by sharing my love of so many things that the door opens to others. There is no wall that enough love cannot throw down. Love is hopeful, never selfish, always there and never disappears.

Two may live together for many years, yet never meet; two others meet as if always together. Many times what you think is what you become. When angry and frustrated the result is you start to become what you are thinking. The miracle for those who have learned to love is the more love one gives, thus begins a precious nourishing of more love to give.

Nature helped me to love again when I had died inside. Watching sunrises, sunsets, painting flowers, birds and rivers flowing. Seeing rainbows in the sky began my life dance once more. I now have a second life. The magician, Mr. Nature tricked me with a spark of immortal fire.

 Sharing my love has given me the strength to help others to once again laugh. I would like to call this, “Affective Affirmation” = affirming and validating one another.

I do not ask for love in return. Some may not be able to return what is not within them. You see, they too may have died inside. I will be content to try to be the beginning means for their looking outward in a new direction. For I do know it is not by chance time repairs. Once love was owned and lost we will seek to the depths of unfathomable oceans to retrieve it once again.

The rebirth of a love brings the exciting will to live once again. Love for neighbors, friends, relatives and strangers is what happiness is all about. If you are one of those lucky enough to already have happiness please share it by helping another. It is not only who you are but how you make others feel they are. It is bringing out the best parts of others that they love you.  But be carful I have been with couples who, “Lose Themselves” = when they spend all their time with one person. You can’t fuse with another individual and expect to remain a separate and vibrant entity. It seems that the couple has gone into suspended animation.

And all I ask, if you will give happiness and love to others which has the power to cultivate. When someone cares it is easier for all of us to trust, speak, laugh and yes love back. I would like to believe my feelings will be your feelings as time continues to pass us all by.