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 The person who does not look at all the facts and apply the emotional side of the question does NOT have to process ALL these points to come up to an answer. This ability to forget the emotional side helps them make the decision quickly.  However, this is not the best way OR the correct way.

Some people make mistakes by coming up with the answer too quickly by NOT taking all the areas into consideration before coming up with a solution.

However, the other side of this complex problem is people who don’t consider all the problems can’t come up with any answer, much less an answer quickly. They do get accused of not being able to “focus”.

It could be that the same group who can’t come up with the solution, is bringing into the thought process too many emotions. This keeps them from separating those facts which should “not” be considered to other facts that should.

What is This Problem of Focus with Some People? ©

(By Wayne L. Misner,

What is this problem of focus with some people? Must be careful with this one. When writing (or talking) in generalities there will always be exceptions.

Just a few reasons some of us have trouble concentrating are stress, anxiety, depression, tiredness, and with women, hormonal changes such as menopause, and pregnancy.  

Some feel woman may have this problem more than men. That reasoning is based on the belief that some woman are more emotional than men. This other factor (emotional) may bring into someone’s thought process multiple directions for a thought to travel at the same time. True, it is easier to think of one or two ways to make a decision compared to bringing in many new ways.

Of course when someone comes up with many ways, it does take much longer to think them all out.  This could (and does in many cases) become overwhelming to the person who is trying to come up with an answer.

The more possibilities to consider, the longer it takes to think of each to come up with an answer. Some men (it is believed) don’t take into the thought process the emotional side. This means having less roads to travel to come up with a solution. The person who takes into the decision process other facts, as well as the potential emotional areas to think about each point, may get lost.

The more roads of travel, the more confusing an answer may be to get. Not all questions that the mind is coming up with have instant answers to help make the thought complete. Too many unanswered thoughts running though the mind at almost the same time usually does NOT come to an instant answer BUT the opposite of an answer causes one to become overwhelmed. Where the more unanswered facts keep getting in the way the harder and longer it takes to come up with an answer.