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(By Wayne L. Misner,

  Well here I am sitting in my study at my desk, staring out the window trying to decide what to write about.

Listening to the wind, and watching how dark it is with these rain clouds rolling over. However, kind of like a hypnotic trance. I know some feel this kind of a day is depressing. Not me, I love the rain bouncing off the pink dogwood, and how the Japanese red maple seems to sparkle or watching the drops in the water puddles bouncing high back into the sky. Everything the rain touches seems to glisten so. Not that I don’t enjoy the sun rising or setting with all the beautiful snapshots we can see. But there is a certain magic with a gentle rain, a rhythm, a song being written, lovely words with soft melodies.

My water fall is flowing into the steam running down the hill into the pond. The blue Jays are drinking some of the water from the steam. The deep red coat of the cardinal eating from my feeders hanging from the branches. The sharp yellow coats of the golden finch. With all the songs that they sing, just for me. I must not forget my hummingbirds, with hyper wings hanging in the air as if by a Bungee cord and sipping the sweet nectar that I have hung out to entice them. They appear and then vanish in the blink of an eye.

Hmm what to write, what subject.

Talking about my pond. Must get more lily pads, with pinks and blues so I can watch them bloom. I love them and the butterflies they attract. Butterflies are just different colored flowers that have been thrown into the air.

Mr. Frog is welcomed back this year. He sits on a rock and just thinks and winks. Hope my sun flowers bloom again and grow so large they give their own show. The bees love them. Lady bugs sit on them and they whisper little secrets in my ear. The sunflower when in full bloom gives out its own sunshine's special glow, smiling at you sweetly.

I can see far into the woods through the mist. Here comes a doe with a baby fawn. I love nature so much. So peaceful with a serenity that I need. I feel a freedom and peace of mind as I gaze upon all that most don’t see and have forgotten how to hear.

My mind keeps wondering too much. I’ll never be able to write about something if I don’t stay focused.

Ducks are landing and looking for food. I feed them crack corn. Never realized how hungry they get. One day if I’m really lucky there will be some baby ducks all around. Mr. and Mrs. Fox with their six little baby foxes have been giving me a show all week. Can’t get much better then that. Baby fawns, foxes and maybe ducks soon.

Well excuse me for now. I must stop wondering and pay attention to the task at hand. That is thinking of something to write about.