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World Famous Recipe A Wayne©

(By Wayne L. Misner,


1 large sweet can crushed sense of humor

1 tablespoon honesty pie filling

1 18 ounce package of a little devil food mix

1 cup chopped pure humility

Mash in cup mint chocolate chips of character

Whipped topping of life’s surprises

1 Yummy hot great personality

A twist of affection

Fold in an instant mix of attention

Toss in generosity

Pour in love from a heart that’s true

A 21 ounce can of women or men are special cherry pie filling

Zest of one package dark chocolate kindness mix

1/2 cup butter ambition

2 cloves of unconditional support

Teaspoon of intelligence

1 big jar of motivation

4 tablespoons ground cinnamon chivalry

Melt faithfulness pored over this main course meal

Sprinkle all over with love and tender touches

Preheat to 500 degrees of passion

Remove from Crockpot and serve with a class of your finest wine.


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